Comparison of Various Gradient Descent Techniques [Image by Author]!

The journey of Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning/Data Science/Computer Vision/Natural Language Processing appears to be very overwhelming at the first sight, but the catch here is to understand their depth that most people ignore.

Using the already created libraries like sklearn or tensorflow or pytorch or any other is very easy…


Over time, Machine Learning is evolved to another level, but it's really sad to witness that still, whenever Machine Learning fundamentals or pipelines is been explained at most of the places (university/blog/any other source), only the incomplete knowledge in been conveyed. Only till the model creation/training & testing, the relevant…


Kubernetes is been used as anything in the market & that’s the reason that Kubernetes is having such high demand in the market.

There is no one out there who is not impressed by the working of Kubernetes, it is simply brilliant to use Kubernetes in the Production Environment.



With the constant technological change, it is very important to be up to date to survive in this highly competitive world. Infrastructure as Code is a highly demanded & booming technology to learn, understand & work upon.

To serve the purpose, “Terraform” is a highly effective tool & has lots…


Business is been a very important part of this world, without business, no country can survive at present. Whether it be a business at an enterprise level, MNC level, or individual level, everyone wants to grow its business to maximize profit.

With the evolution of technologies, business analytics has emerged…

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Whether it be probability, statistics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, or any other likewise field, having the knowledge of the distribution of data is a must or crucial, because it helps in dealing with data.

Since both the distributions (Binomial & Bernoulli) are very confusing at first for most…

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Data Science is the hottest & in-demand field today, to become a Data Scientist, it is crucial to know about Data Preprocessing as it is a vital component in the field of Data Science.

While doing Data Preprocessing, every time “Feature Engineering” has to be done. …

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A huge hype has been created for Data Science in today’s world, but the sad reality is that, due to this hype, most people are not learning the actual concepts which are required, if someone is learning even, then also it is not learning in the right way that is…

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In this rapid world, where automation is a crucial aspect for every business, therefore it is very important to provide the correct education for everyone. But, the sad reality is that the way which is used to deliver education is absurd. …

Harshit Dawar

Big Data Enthusiast, have a demonstrated history of delivering large and complex projects. Interested in working in the field of AI and Data Science.

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