With the constant technological change, it is very important to be up to date to survive in this highly competitive world. Infrastructure as Code is a highly demanded & booming technology to learn, understand & work upon.

To serve the purpose, “Terraform” is a highly effective tool & has lots of providers. By seeing its popularity, Hashicorp decided to launch the official certification for Terraform that is known as “Hashicorp Certified Terraform Associate”.

Having multiple features, Terraform provides a lot of facilities to its user, but at the same time, two of its features that are “Modules” & “Workspaces” are…


In the field of Data Science, there has been a trend that most people say that they are data scientists, or they have explored a lot in the fields of Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, & as well as statistics. But, to the horror of the people who have actually explored, when they meet or discuss with most of the other people, they found that even the basics of those people are not clear.

This approach of directly jumping into the complex topics & having an overview of them will never lead to success especially in the field of…


Business is been a very important part of this world, without business, no country can survive at present. Whether it be a business at an enterprise level, MNC level, or individual level, everyone wants to grow its business to maximize profit.

With the evolution of technologies, business analytics has emerged as a very important aspect for business. The reason behind the great success of business analytics is that it is a core skill that helps the business to grow exponentially.

In the current situation, where every business wants to grow, almost all the intermediate to advanced level businesses use the…

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Whether it be probability, statistics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, or any other likewise field, having the knowledge of the distribution of data is a must or crucial, because it helps in dealing with data.

Since both the distributions (Binomial & Bernoulli) are very confusing at first for most people, they do not try to explore & understand them. Also, one more factor is that, at most of the sources of the content, no real-life examples are given to make the explanation more realistic. …

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Data Science is the hottest & in-demand field today, to become a Data Scientist, it is crucial to know about Data Preprocessing as it is a vital component in the field of Data Science.

While doing Data Preprocessing, every time “Feature Engineering” has to be done. “Dummy Variable Trap” is the problem that occurs in Feature Engineering.

Now, that being said, let’s start this blog & first of all, let’s talk about the origin of Dummy Variable Trap.

Origin/Source of Dummy Variable Trap!

It occurs because of MultiCollinearity. If there is multicollinearity present in the dataset, then definitely Dummy Variable Trap will occur.

If you…

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A huge hype has been created for Data Science in today’s world, but the sad reality is that, due to this hype, most people are not learning the actual concepts which are required, if someone is learning even, then also it is not learning in the right way that is, they do not learn the actual use-case for that.

This problem of rushing behind a buzzword without knowing the actual concepts of it makes it very difficult to actually understand it. In addition to that, this type of learning leaves a very bad impact/impression on society/other interested students. Since interested…

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In this rapid world, where automation is a crucial aspect for every business, therefore it is very important to provide the correct education for everyone. But, the sad reality is that the way which is used to deliver education is absurd. Most of the sources for education are very abstract which does not provide the content in-depth.

The biggest example of abstraction in education can be taken from the tool used in this blog, i.e., Hadoop, most of the sources will provide you the configuration script which will work after a lot of effort because initially, it is challenging to…

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In this rapid world, DevOps is a very important technology. It is one of the most demanding technologies in the present, therefore understanding it conceptually is a very important factor today for anyone.

I used “understanding” in the above paragraph because learning is not required, & also learning is not for long term goal, understanding is for the long term goal. So, everyone should focus on understanding the concepts instead of learning them.

In this blog, a complete practical will be covered which includes setting up the load balancer or reverse proxy using HAProxy software, Webserver using the Apache Webserver…

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Automation is been widely adopted & in huge demand these days due to multiple reasons, & DevOps is the key to achieve automation. Some of the reasons for adopting automation are that it enables parallel work to a very large extent, saves time in which multiple other works can be done, is less prone to errors, & saves money, etc.

Automation has established itself in the world completely, everyone is chasing it, there is a huge demand for automation, & that is the reason I have writing this blog to provide a glimpse of the automation world.

Before directly jumping…

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I am very much confident that you must have encountered the terms “Probability” & “Likelihood” in your daily life, but you must have found those terms very much confusing & almost similar. For the very first time, if anyone is trying to understand these terms, it might feel like they both are similar, it is difficult to spot/understand the difference between the terms.

No worries, you have come to the right place, this blog will guide you to understand the difference between the Probability & the Likelihood.

Important note!

The biggest problem which restricts someone to understand the concepts of Data Science…

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Big Data Enthusiast, have a demonstrated history of delivering large and complex projects. Interested in working in the field of AI and Data Science.

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