Launching an Instance in Openstack!

This blog will guide you step-by-step in the process of spawning an instance in Openstack(Private cloud) through all the ways possible, even with Terraform Integration!

Openstack portal by Horizon service [Image by Author]

Why Openstack & its real-world use cases?

  • Openstack is an open-source software that has a very large community to support, and that is the reason why Openstack keeps on evolving.
  • The benefit of using Openstack cloud is that it provides you the code of the services present in it, & they can be customized according to the requirement! This feature is not available in any other public cloud like AWS, GCP, BlueOcean etc.
  • If there is a requirement to store the dataset which is very critical, then a private cloud is required, as we cannot take risk of storing that data in the public cloud!
  • If there are various compliance in various companies, then a private cloud is required.
  • If we want to learn the services in depth then private cloud is the only option because none of the public cloud provides their software, they only provide services.

Spawning an Instance in Openstack!

Command to launch an instance in Openstack through CLI
Output of nova list command [Image by Author]
Instance creation check using WebUI [Image by Author]
Instance creation through Terraform!

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